GlyconVR Custom Arenas
Version 40+

Got a VR Headset?
Now you have a Mocap suit.

   Starting in version 40 You can now bring in your own models to use as scenes to act in.
1. You can use any FBX or OBJ file.
2. Place them in GlyconFiles/Arenas/
3. Start Glycon
4. Use the right nav screen to activate it

Best Practices
Make sure your world is set to use meters, and export in meters as well. Glycon should be mapping 1:1 with metric dimensions.

Y axis is up. Basically, if you export for a Unity environment, it should work in Glycon.
IF NOT: I've added some tools to Glycon to make it easier to scale and rotate the world.

Use the right joystick or pad to move the scene around.
Use the left joystick or pad to move it vertically.

If you're using a Quest, you will need to use the controllers to move the scene around, then you can go back to using hands when you're happy with the results.

Got a VR Headset?
Now you have a Mocap suit.