Glycon Version 40 Beta 12
This is the list of things I'm adding after beta 12.
Older added features have been culled, newer ones have a strikethrough

Got a VR Headset?
Now you have a Mocap suit.

Normally we don't do betas. But this time, we are.
To Do:
1. Windowed mode with a toggle from full screen
2. Speed up the export process and move it to a background task so it doesn't slow down the system. 
3. Recording speed (25,30,60, MAX)
4. Add an option to export with native Autodesk naming. Add this for both FBX and BVH. 
5. Improve Unreal export so the root pose is perfectly matched to the Humanoid A-pose. This will remove another step when importing in Unreal. 
6. Make hands not hide for quest if they're close to the head.
7. Improve Steam bindings for all platforms.
8. Improve hand offsets for each platform. These need to be individually tweaked for each platform.
10. Fix reset option in IK so it resets the displays, too. Currently it resets everything but there's no visual change in the UI. Including footprint.
11. Add raw exporting. 
12. More humanlike walking
13. Foot to ground tracking
14. Interaction with blocks 
15. Custom skeletons
16. Custom solver plugin
17. Unlimited ground arena
18. Add button to toggle recording from controller without UI
19. Add button to save recording from controller without UI
20. Live Link into Unreal from Quest
21. More poses
22. Facial Mocap