Let's get you hooked up!
It takes a lot of work to be this easy. But if you're animating something by hand, Glycon can save you a ton of time. Here's where you can trade a few measly bucks for all that time you'll save.

And starting in October, we accept cryptocurrency for Glycon Pro!
This is identical to the $99 Glycon Pro, at a slight discount, but you can pay with cryptocurrency.
Same as the Pro version but does NOT include support for the Quest.

Cancel any time.

It's more expensive in the long run, but it's dirt cheap right now.
You get the current version and the next two updates or the next month of updates, whichever happens last.
This version of Glycon  can be sideloaded on an Oculus Quest!

Until we are in the Oculus Store, this is the only way to use Glycon on a Quest

Now supports full finger tracking!
This gets you Glycon VR for Desktop and all updates for a year, plus the Oculus Quest side-load edition.

Or you can buy it on Gumroad here.
This covers the current version of Glycon, the Quest version, all future versions of Glycon, and all of our upcoming Glycon offshoot products, for a fraction of the price you’d pay for a motion capture suit!